Since 1993, the energy engineering professionals (energy geeks if you prefer) at DSM Engineering Associates have been applying our unique combination of expertise, experience, and innovation to reduce the energy footprint of client facilities; a process we refer to as Low Carbon Engineering. We believe the right energy solutions can only be identified by focusing on the objectives set by our clients and the requirements of their facilities. In other words, Finding the Fit. To us, Finding the Fit means finding energy solutions that our clients will implement because the solution fits their operational and financial objectives, as well as what the facility needs to be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Low Carbon Engineering may make it seem like we have something against carbon. Certainly not! We like carbon – we’re in the carbon fan club. The carbon atom is a DSM role model, in a manner of speaking.  Highly adaptive and flexible, carbon is the building block of everything we like – key lime pie, natural gas, all of Led Zeppelin (we think), and diamonds. Whether it’s combined with other carbon atoms or with different elements like hydrogen, carbon Finds the Fit by bonding with it’s neighbors in unique ways, so the outcome makes the best of each part. At DSM, we see the flexibility of carbon as a model for how we find solutions for our clients – Finding The Fit through the right combination of expertise, experience, and as much innovation as we can squeeze in.

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