Led By Two Veteran Engineering Professionals.

Stephen Stone

90x90Since 1980, Steve Stone has been heavily involved in energy projects ranging from residential buildings to ice skating rinks. Mr. Stone contributed to some of the first microturbine cogeneration systems in New York City, and has implemented over 10,000 kW of cogen capacity. He had been awarded Cogeneration Professional of the Year, both regionally and internationally, for his contributions to cogeneration.

Jim Amstrong

90x90Jim Armstrong joined DSM in 2005, after 15 years at ConEdision. His time at ConEd gave him a unique insight into electric markets and operations, which he used to develop his Tru-Use load profiling sytem. Jim has led over 20 cogeneration projects, including the Intrepid museum, and was awarded Energy Engineer of the Year in 2015 for his pioneering technologies and innovative designs.

Joined by a team of dedicated individuals.

Shannah Sherman

Shannah Sherman has been focused on cogeneration system design since joining DSM in 2012. She has been involved in over 15 cogeneration projects to date and has served as lead engineer for Long Island school installations. Shannah has also been involved in Local Law 84 benchmarking and Local Law 87 efficiency reporting.

Sheldon Mendonca

Sheldon has worked with DSM Engineering since 2011, and has been a lead engineer for multiple cogeneration systems amounting to over over 2,000 kW co-generation capacity in the New York City area. He also conducts energy audits, equipment feasibility studies and HVAC design/analysis for commercial and residential buildings.

Courtney Armstrong

Courtney Armstrong joined DSM in 2015, and has been learning about cogeneration system design and energy auditing from DSM’s senior staff. She has assisted with several cogeneration project since joining the company, and has been actively involved with field work and analysis pertaining to energy auditing.