Company Overview

The energy professionals at DSM Engineering Associates, PC (DSMEA) share a strong dedication to engineering consulting services targeted at reduction of the carbon-energy footprint of a facility. Carbon-energy footprint reduction is foremost an economic need and also a social/environmental performance criterion shared by energy users of all sizes and types. Our objective for each client project is to provide effective and feasible solutions that meet our client’s needs. Whether the client is seeking forward-looking carbon-energy footprint reduction, detailed facility energy use monitoring and analysis, major plant equipment replacement, regulatory/code compliance-related services, or innovative solutions to difficult or on-going conditions, DSMEA seeks to understand and address the client’s needs and provide solutions that are technically, operationally, and economically effective.

DSMEA has a history as an early adopter/enabler in energy system engineering for our clients. Our first small packaged cogeneration systems were designed and installed in 1984 and we have continued to provide this service to our clients with over 50 CHP projects and 10,000 kW of CHP capacity in our project portfolio.

DSMEA has a long record of successful project implementation through a variety of grant opportunities from NYSERDA, particularly for CHP feasibility assessment and implementation. We have experience working with local utilities – DSMEA was a key team member in the Con Edison Steam Demand Best Practices guidebook development and we provided economic feasibility assessment and “typical” CHP system for Keyspan (prior to the change to National Grid) to determine economic performance of CHP in “big box” stores such as Lowes Home Improvement and Shop Rite grocery stores. Fuel gas conversions and CHP interconnections for both gas and electric are well represented in our portfolio of experience.