Cogeneration (CHP, C2HP, C3HP)

To us Low Carbon Engineering types, cogeneration means a system that sits in your building and makes you money, or at least spends it more effectively. That’s pretty much the whole point. It does this by optimizing the use of the fuel that is consumed to meet the electrical, heating, and cooling needs of the building. Reducing fuel consumed also allows us to lay claim to the Low Carbon Engineering moniker – less fuel, less carbon (and cost). This is also where we hoist the Finding the Fit flag really high – a cogeneration system that “fits” its host facility will save you money, one that does not fit will cost you money.

Cogeneration systems also come in all sizes – very large ones such as might be located in a manufacturing facility or university campus to much smaller systems that fit into individual buildings (usually less than 1000 kilowatts). Our portfolio consists of smaller systems we have retro-fitted into existing buildings – this is our wheelhouse and we are very good at it.

DSMEA has implemented over
0 kW
of cogeneration power and counting!

Cogeneration Services